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Day Boarding

With friends, every meal becomes tastier.

Kairos has made sure that it’s not just an environment of bonding, but that of living and exchanging as well. The school has a day-boarding facility with a centralized kitchen and its team of excellent chefs who cook up a tasty fare for their dining lounge. Students are treated to a spread of healthy and interesting food and beverages.

And if the child is a day scholar, parents have the option to choose the school’s menu for their child as well, for lunch.

That apart, the school has a full-fledged 3-bed Infirmary with a trained medical practitioner and a nurse. They are available always, just in case there is an emergency in the school or a student falls sick suddenly.

Kairos Global School is located in central city away from the chaotic atmosphere in serene settings on the rapidly developing ITIR zone in Cyberabad. It provides all the facilities needed for undistracted learning.
Food Menu: (Information of Food Menu will be updated soon.)

Step into Glorious Future

Carrying identity cards is compulsory for all students and staff. Visitors need to make entries at security and are issued ID cards too before entering the campus. Visitors are escorted by security into the campus to the person they need to visit. The campus is equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure constant surveillance.

All the classes are monitored by teachers at all times. Housekeeping staff and other helpers are always available, especially during break timings. The young students are accompanied by the housekeeping ladies and frequently by the teachers, for rest room breaks, to ensure they are taken care of. All disciplinary & disruptive issues are addressed immediately. Students are expected to follow school rules and conduct themselves appropriately.

For life to move, science is critical. Students are exposed to practical use of scientific postulates in everyday life. They conduct internal and external science symposia and exhibitions, and the talented are encouraged to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiads

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