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Leadership Team

Professional expertise for educational success.

The Chairman of Kairos Global School is an Educationist and a Philanthropist with a mission to provide quality education in the city of Hyderabad. He brings to the institution an experience of over three decades in teaching and administration of quality educational institutes. He is sensitive to modern teaching requirements and techniques and aspires to guide the institution towards quality education.


“It’s a matter of pride for me when I look at Kairos as a school that will contribute to the advancement of the fastchanging world, with generations of children who will be prepared to compete at the global level.”

Dr. Venkata Reddy Maddhi Reddy



Anil Kumar Reddy Maddala


Anil has spent most of his working stints abroad and brings a treasure of global exposure and experience to the institution. His knowledge is surely poised to help Kairos to go places the global way.


Dr. Sumanth Reddy M.V.


Having a medical professional on the board provides fresh impetus to Kairos’ approach in educating children. Sumanth’s primary focus is to ensure that children at Kairos are prepared for a bright and successful future with a holistic approach to learning and growth. His patience, passion, experience, and energy to positively guide and nurture young minds will be an invaluable asset.